Grants Office Forms

Listed below are the forms and templates to help you navigate your Grants Office needs.


Grant idea form

We want to know what your organization needs. When you fill out this form, it will let us know how much money you are seeking and the scope of your project. When we receive this, we are then able to help in the search for funding from Palau’s partner countries and organizations.


grant progress report form

Congratulations! Your organization has a project that was funded through our office. Now, you are expected to write progress reports. Grantors like to keep track of how your project is progressing. We have created a template to help you know what to report. Make sure to include all activities and any setbacks for the time frame listed. Also, add any pictures to show advancement of project and purchases.


India palau small grants progress report

If your organization has a project that was funded by the India Palau Small Grants Fund, this is the form that needs to be filled out by September 31, 2019.