Palau India Small Grants Fund

This is the page where you will find the details of the Palau India Small Grants Fund. Please contact the Grants Office if you have any questions that are not answered by this page.


2019 Year of Innovative learning and excellence

When you have thought through an organized a proposal, use the application form to fill out all of the information our office needs to help get your organization a grant. We have a page of guidelines to help you with this process. It can be found here. We are excited to read your proposals. We will start accepting applications in May. Applications should be emailed to


application tutorial

If you have any questions or concerns about how to fill out the India Palau Small Grants Application, please watch this short tutorial. It should explain common questions and give easy to understand answers. We hope you enjoy!


India Palau progress report

Once your organization has received your grant, we ask that you update us by September 31, 2019. Here is the template of questions that we would like answered. We are here to help along the way and we want to make sure your project is progressing smoothly. If any problems occur it helps us to know and we can help make a new timeline etc.. for your project. We want all projects to succeed!