Medium Grants $50K - $500K

Fill out a Grants Idea Form if you are interested in this type of grant. Contact the Grants Office after your Grants Idea Form has been emailed to is completed. We may be able to assist you with finding a donor.


North Pacific Development Fund (New Zealand) NPDF

Amount: up to NZ $75,000

Funding Cycle: 30 August 2019

Priorities: Gender equality , disadvantaged peoples (disabilities, youth, remote area peoples).

Japan Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP)

Amount: up to $100,000 USD ; mostly equipment

Funding Cycle: No Deadlines

Priorities: Primary Education, Primary Health Care and Environment

Protected area network fund (PAN FUND)

Amount: Negotiable

Funding Cycle: Ongoing

Priorities: Initiatives that support the States' efforts to protect their lands and waters and encourages sustainable development of state lands.