Here are some of the projects we help make happen:


Six dry farm piggeries - funded by giz/acse

With aid from GIZ/ACSE, six dry farm piggeries, each with six pig pens were built on Babeldaob. This is an integrated farming project for the Bureau of Agriculture to demonstrate the viability of using dry-litter piggeries to produce high quality compost suitable for organic gardening. The farmers have also been supplied with tools and materials for plant nurseries to support organic gardening.



ngatpang Water Project - The European Union – North Pacific – Readiness for El Nino (RENI) project in Palau

Securing Resources ahead of Drought in Palau

1.25 million for Palau; Timeframe: July 2017 – October 2020

Implementing Agencies – NEMO, Bureau of Public Works, PPUC, and The Pacific Community

This project focuses on water security in times of drought by tapping into the Tabecheding river in Ngatpang State and piping the water to a large storage tank near the Compact Road.  It will then provide accessible water to the northern States during times of drought. This project has funding to buy two 30,000 gallon water trucks for transporting the water to outer states.



Emergency Communications and Data Management Upgrade - funded by the United states department of Interior

$686,000 - grant; Timeframe: 2016 - 2018

The Palau Ministry of Justice used this grant to make much needed upgrades to their emergency communications systems and their data systems. They installed five new servers, have an electronic filing system and purchased new data equipment that provides quicker, and a more secure centralized data storage system. This has greatly improved the response time of services and day to day operations.