small grant opportunities up to $50K

Below are current grant opportunities that may be accessed through the links on this website. Please contact our office if you need assistance in applying for one of these grants. We can also discuss with you which grant(s) might be best for your project.


india palau small grants fund

Amount: up to $10,000 (USD)

Funding Cycle: Applications accepted in April - Late May. Projects expected to be completed by 12/31/19.

Priorities: Projects must focus on the President’s 2019 country theme of “Year of Innovative Learning and Excellence.”

australia direct aid program (DAP)

Amount: up to USD $20,000

Funding Cycle: Ongoing

Priorities: Health, education; poverty alleviation, and/or gender equality

canada fund for local initiatives

Amount: Projects Avg. $25,000 (CAD)

Funding Cycle: Applications accepted until April 22, 2019.

Priorities: Gender equality; health, nutrition and education; human rights; and environemnt action (water and climate change)

North Pacific Development Fund (New Zealand) NPDF

Amount: up to NZ $75,000

Funding Cycle: 30 August 2019

Priorities: Gender equality , disadvantaged peoples (disabilities, youth, remote area peoples).


Global environmental facility (GEF)

Amount: Negotiable

Funding Cycle: Negotiable

Priorities: Environmental Initiatives



Japan Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP)

Amount: up to $100,000; mostly equipment

Funding Cycle: No Deadlines

Priorities: Primary Education, Primary Health Care and Environment


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